Paper mache dolls

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four wine corks with red hearts attached to them sitting in front of a white wall
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Mermaid Art, Paper Clay, Cartapesta Ideas, Paper Mache Clay, Sweet Paper, Papel Mache
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three colorful cat mobiles hanging from strings
40 Awesome Paper Mache Creatures Like Never Seen Before - Bored Art
four colorful paper dolls hanging from clothes pins on a white wall with pegs in the shape of people
three colorful kites are hanging on the wall next to a mirror with a reflection in it
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a drawing of a woman holding a heart shaped balloon in her hand and wearing a blue dress
Pin It Weekly #176
a woman in a pink shirt and blue skirt is holding a bird above her head
Niña, ( serie)
a doll made out of old clothes and paper machs on display in a shop
Pattern Paper Mache