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a woman's arm with a small rose tattoo on the left side of her body
Tatuagens minimalistas: o significado por trás dos desenhos simples - Página 2 de 3 - 123 Tatuagens
a black and white drawing of a girl with flowers on her head
Pin de emmanuela khamis em Inspiración em 2022 | Tatuagem fantasma, Tatuagens de flores com borbo… | Dessin de visages, Dessins abstraits au crayon, Dessin abstrait
a hand holding up a piece of paper with an image of a jar and flowers on it
Tatuagem The Vampire Diaries
the back of a woman's stomach with a small sun tattoo on her left side
Pin by Eleonora Monaco on Fashion&More | Discreet tattoos, Petite tattoos, Feminine tattoos
an open book with butterflies coming out of it
a small hummingbird tattoo on the arm
76 Feminine & Small Body Tattoos For Women (2022 Guide)
a black and white drawing of a sun on a white background, with the outline of an object in the foreground
a woman with a cross tattoo on her stomach and the other arm behind her back