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a hand making the peace sign on top of a red background
^_^ @wg88
The finger is the most emphasised feature of this poster. Agata Kulczyk - Polonia BICeBé 2015®
a poster advertising portugal and spain by clipper
David Pollack Vintage Posters
Original Vintage Pan Am Travel Poster Portugal and Spain by Clipper
the ultimate guide to dancing for single ladies
Single Ladies by Draw Me a Song on The Bazaar
Single Ladies by Draw Me a Song on The Bazaar
a movie poster for the film vacances and romances starring actors, from left to right
RetroCards Online Store
Vacances Romaines - Roman Holiday movie poster
a round tin with the word sigatut on it's side and an image of
We Love Typography
Beautiful Vintage Type/Illustration
an old poster with some type of information on it
Typeverything Back cover of a 1872 booklet. (via Kendrick Kidd)
a painting of flowers and butterflies in the air
someone is spreading icing on top of some white frosting and spoons next to the recipe book
the poster for the upcoming film, the devil came to rest
Sean Freeman
The Decemberists by Sean Freeman
the poster for soul kitchen shows a woman in white dress with lines on her body
m o t i o n t h e a t e r
Motion Theater by Caroline Grohs, via Behance
the words hip hip hoo ray written in black ink
Patterson Maker Miller
hip hip hoo ray