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silverware with brown ribbon on wooden table
16 Thanksgiving Table Ideas {table setting} | Home Stories A to Z
several pots and pans are lined up on a stone surface with spices hanging in the background
Berries, Natural Dyes
Berries, Natural Dyes by Philosopher Queen, via Flickr. This was my first job with CW between college years: we built a fire, boiled some berries or leaves and dyed some wool spun by CW's Spinning and Weaving Shop.
a stack of crocheted blankets sitting on top of each other
How To Crochet: Introduction to this Fabulous Craft
I can't even begin to imagine all the work that went into this pile of crochet loveliness!
a room with blue walls and a painting on the wall next to a black chair
Photo Storage
brilliant...what a creative way to add height and interest when you have no molding, taking the color into the other room. LOOOOVE
a bell that has some beads hanging from it's side in front of a tree
A Funky Mobile
An old jello mold, glass beads and baubles,charms and junk!
seashells and candles on a plate with sand
Easy Seashell Crafts
Seashell Crafts
several hanging tin canisters with candles on them
Storage Geek
DIY tin can wall candle sconces. Such a stunning result or very little effort and materials.
four brightly colored plastic chairs sitting in the dirt
Studio 5
@K D Eustaquio Schukar ... how confident are you in your power tool skills?? these are cute... with a table? Each chair cost five bucks and took 30 min to make! Shows you how to build a set of bunk beds, tables, etc. EASY to do.
there are many glass bottles hanging on the wall with necklaces attached to each bottle
Mousie Masala: Photo
the wedding stationery is laid out on top of each other and tied with pink ribbon
The order of service with key detail
there are many pink and yellow straws in mason jars on the table with a sign
Wedding Glow Sticks Fun For Dancing Love this idea! Wedding Glow Sticks! Awesome pictures from the dance floor with everyone waving them around or as a fun alternative to sparklers for your exit picture.
five metal pans hanging from a ceiling with lit candles in the middle and one candle between them
Menaje antiguo como candelabro o jarrón - Decoración de Interiores y Exteriores - EstiloyDeco
cute idea for an outside 'rustic' party
a red, white and blue striped towel hanging from a hook on a kitchen stove
Towel Dilemma
So simple and so smart, I want to make a few of these