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an image of vegetables in numbers on a board with the words vegetarianism in numbers
Vegetarianism in Numbers
Vegetarianism in Numbers Infographic
an apple, orange, and kiwi are shown in this graphic representation to describe the different stages of fruit
A Matter of Life and Death
This graphic shows the time it takes for four fruits to rot past edibility.
an image of a man's shirt on a hanger with instructions for how to wear it
This is a really cool concept which holds both a creative taste and movement. Im not too sure on the layout of the simple background and simple text and typography, needs more of a creative taste within the background, kind of falls short to me. Could be a concept to develop off.
a poster with the words, symbols and numbers in white on a blue background that says zimbawe
Creative Roots
Infographics: really like this concept of how the text integrates with icons (rational/emotional communication) and design elements. Also the movement the typography holds, creates a eye capturing object which moves the eyes throughout the composition, drawing the targeted audience as they consume the message, facts and objective behind the posters content
a circular info board with numbers, symbols and icons in the center - info graphics
Modern business Infographics circle origami style
Modern business Infographics #origami style
three plates with different types of food on them, and the numbers are shown below
Design x Food - Infographic
Design x Food | Infographics
four different types of trees are shown in this graphic art work, each with their own image
Forestry Infographics
Forestry Infographics - Michael Paukner
several different types of vegetables are shown in this graphic style, including corn and carrots
This infographic makes good use of color and object placement. A variation of this infographic can be interesting.