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Clay Slab #idea for those who are stuck!
Slab idea for those needing some sinple inspo to get into pottery! It doesnt have to be complicated to be beautiful.
a pair of glasses sitting on top of a head
two toothbrushes sitting on a plate with the words his and hers written on them
Personalized Toothbrush holders | handmade ceramic toothbrush holder | engraved toothbrush holder | personalized gift
a person is playing chess on a checkered board with white and red pawns
Ceramics Magazine 𐃭 𐃢 𐃡 𐃨 𐃰 𐃬 on Instagram: "𐃭 𐃢 𐃡 𐃬𐃴 Ceramics by @ceramicstudio_1300
a paint palette and brush on a white tray
DIY Faux Ceramic Paint Palette - mikyla