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a poem written in spanish with two birds on it
Mensagem do Dia
an image of a frog with the caption that reads, this was me in school when you're taking test and everyone is using a ruler and you can't figure out what the rules for
23 Pictures Only People Who Are Terrible Students Will Understand
The case of the missing ruler:
an old woman doing a handstand on the ground
23 Pictures Only People Who Are Terrible Students Will Understand
someone is drawing a flower with colored pencils
Roberto Ferreira - Aprenda a Pintar Girassol e Gotas de Orvalho - Final- - YouTube
a black and white line drawing of people
Pablo Picasso - Les Demoiselles d'Avignon
an image of the scream painting in black and white with text overlaying it
Famous Paintings Coloring Pages
an image of a beach scene coloring page
Newest Coloring Pages | Page 2
an image of jesus and mary holding hands
Prayers to Saint Anne and Joachim
Saint Joachim and Our Lady... father and daughter. Sts. Joachim and Anne are good reminders that we are part of a much larger story. Their faithful and largely anonymous lives played a critically important role in salvation history. An anonymous and faithful life may be exactly what God calls you to, as well, and it may be precisely because of its “smallness” that it will play such a great part in saving souls. Lord, am I daring enough to see, to hear, to live a quiet, holy, and hidden life?
a boat floating on top of a body of water
Dios esta en control en mi vida
a black and white photo with the words me in spanish
Comparte tu fe
Apocalipsis 1:5-6 y de Jesucristo el testigo fiel, el primogénito de los muertos, y el soberano de los reyes de la tierra. Al que nos amó, y nos lavó de nuestros pecados con su sangre, y nos hizo reyes y sacerdotes para Dios, su Padre; a él sea gloria e imperio por los siglos de los siglos. Amén. ♔
a hand is shown with the names of different languages in spanish and english, as well as some other words
the words are written in white on a black background
Se essa verdade ficasse gravada em nossa mente, acho que nós nos sentiríamos menos tristes e preocupados, né? | ADC #aprendizdocriador
the virgin mary holding a child in her arms
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Personalized Prayer Card (Priced Per Card)
Our Lady of Perpetual Help