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small plants are growing in the rocks and gravel
×Hylostachys 'Blue Elf' - World of Succulents
many green plants that are growing together
A sustainable succulent garden in Sydney with sculptural drama
A refreshing approach brings a sculptural edge to this sustainable succulent garden in Sydney.
some very pretty blue plants by the wall
Bonnie Stacey | Landscape Designer Perth on Instagram: "Westringia & Blue chalk sticks 🌿 the perfect low maintenance pair 👌🏽 other plants that would also work well in this combo 👇🏾 🌿 Leucophyta brownii 🌿 Lomandra ‘seascape’ 🌿 Pittosporum ‘miss muffet’ check out my eBook for more plant suggestions 😊 (link in bio) designed by me installed by @bruce_landscapes #landscapedesign #plants #plantcombo #westringia #bluechalksticks #waterwisegardening #lowmaintenancegarden #coastalgarden #land
some blue plants and white flowers on the side of a building with stairs in the background
some plants that are growing in the ground
some cactus plants and rocks in front of a house with palm trees on the side
some very pretty green plants in the grass
Cornerstone Gardens
agave and grasses
an assortment of plants and flowers in a garden
Cool Color Palette Garden
a cactus garden with rocks and cacti
Beyond the Ordinary - Phoenix Home & Garden
several different types of cactus plants in a rock garden with gravel and rocks around them
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Landscaping Pictures Of Texas Xeriscape Gardens And Much More Here In Austin | Design My Yard
a cactus garden in front of a house
Landscape + Garden - Phoenix Home & Garden
Simplicity in Design. Vertical-growing San Pedro cacti (Cereus peruvianus) form the backdrop of the composition, with Agave ‘Blue Glows’ offering complementary color. “The contrasting form reflects the same rhythm as the San Pedros,” notes Winters. The golden barrels add drama and draw the eye to the foreground.