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an outdoor dining area with tables and chairs on the wooden flooring, lit by candles
a table with place settings in front of a green tiled wall and greenery behind it
Amazonico London - Restaurant on Berkeley Square Mayfair
a dining room with blue velvet chairs and chandelier hanging from the ceiling, along with pictures on the wall
T LOunge for July 20th, 2021 - Tom + Lorenzo
a dining room with blue upholstered booths and green plants on the wall behind it
Restaurante Guanabara - Picture gallery 1
the bar is full of liquor bottles and chairs
Maple & Ash — Chicago, USA
the bar is decorated with greenery and hanging lights, along with leather chairs that are lined up on either side of the bar
CHICA Miami - Rockwell Group
the interior of a restaurant with many tables and chairs
an artistic rendering of a bar with green chairs and plants hanging from the ceiling above it
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