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a desk with a mirror, sink and chair in front of the counter top is lit up by lights
a white vanity with lighted mirrors and stool
Penteadeira com Espelho: 34 ideias para seu cantinho da beleza
a loft bed with desk underneath it in a small room next to a white chair
Camas suspensas e elevadas na decoração de quartos pequenos
a bathroom with a sink, mirror and shelves on the wall above it is illuminated by lights
Quarto com closet: 80 projetos para inspirar o seu
a bedroom with a bed, desk and mirror in the corner is decorated in pink and white
a white desk with a monitor on top of it next to a chair and cabinet
the bathroom is decorated in pastel colors and has a round mirror over the sink
a dressing room with pink walls and lots of white drawers, lights on the wall
Dando a Volta por Cima