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a hand holding a binder with the words brand guidelines written on it, in front of a white background
New Graphic Identity for Hackney Forest School by Spy — BP&O
Visual identity and brand book designed by Spy for Hackney Forest School
an assortment of cards with different shapes and sizes on them, including the letter p
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Antonio Ladrillo Paga Extra N.7 (Enero 2012) 18x18 cm, 28 páginas.
an open children's book with colorful lines on it
Little 1: Paul Rand’s Sweet Vintage Children’s Book About Numbers, Soulmates, and Belonging
Little 1: A Paul Rand Children’s Book About Numbers, Soulmates, and Belonging circa 1961 | Brain Pickings
an image of people walking in the snow with words that read, espacos livres
Espaços livres públicos (e book)
Espaços livres públicos (e book) Esta obra procura capturar variados fatos ligados aos espaços livres públicos urbanos e à sua apreensão multifacetada, englobando seus aspectos confguracionais, práticas sociais e determinadas rupturas espaciais, associadas ao embate público X privado. Na mesma direção que já assinalou o professor Philippe Panerai, em vários estudos, esta coletânea ressalta a relevância e o desafo que é o tratamento conceitual e empírico do espaço livre público, como estru...
the secret garden by frances hodgon burnet is shown in black and white
About Today - Illustration by Lizzy Stewart
Book cover illustration by Lizzy Stewart. © Lizzy Stewart.
the jungle book is shown in red, yellow and green leaves on a white background
25 Book Design and Illustration Tips
Discover how leading book illustrators and designers produce their best covers and illustrations.
an orange and white poster with writing on it's back side, which reads la chaud des motes
Le chant des morts. Title. Artist: Pablo Picasso. Author : Pierre Reverdy. Publisher : Tériade, Paris, 1948. Size : 42×32 cm
a book on wood with an image of plants and trees in the background that reads the aussie movement
Mordecai (@MenschOhneMusil) / X
Henri Matisse , "Book Cover for Henri Cartier Bresson"
a book cover with an elephant and birds in the trees, one bird is flying
Various Illustrations/Summer 2015
Various Illustrations/Summer 2015 on Behance
the book cover for on the road by jack kerouai is shown with an illustration of a man standing in front of a cactus tree
Design You Trust — Design Daily Since 2007
0038 big 11 Book covers & editorial illustrations by Charlie Lewis
i l l u s t r a t i o n // Book Covers on Behance #graphic #design #illustration
i l l u s t r a t i o n // Book Covers
i l l u s t r a t i o n // Book Covers on Behance #graphic #design #illustration