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green leaves are growing on the ground
7 Excellent Nettle Leaf Tea Benefits
The benefits of nettle tea are fantastic, and this easy and inexpensive herb tastes great! Click to find out how to brew your own nettle leaf tea. #nettlebenefits #nettlerecipes #nettleleaftea #nettlehealthbenefits #herbalism #naturalremedies #allergies
Crops that LOVE the HEAT!
If you're gardening in a hot summer climate, lean into those crops that grow well and don't mind the heat. These are my favorites–which ones do you like to grow? #growinginthegarden #gardeningtips #vegetablegarden #growyourownfood #organicgarden #desertgarden #arizonagarden
an image of a woman digging in the yard
10 Tips for Winter Composting
three green frogs sitting on top of an old tire drinking water from a faucet
Red Barrel Studio® Resin Fountain | 10 H x 15.9 W x 15.9 D in | Wayfair
This outdoor fountain is truly an ideal blend of farmhouse design, whimsical elements, and fun rustic charm. The tractor tire on its side features a family of four frogs resting on top. Two frogs are playfully spitting water into the center of the tire. This unique and charming sculpture is crafted from a poly resin material that is perfect for displaying in your garden, on your porch, patio, tabletop, or deck. It is so easy to set up and includes an electric pump. The electric pump gently recir
a basket full of raspberries with the words, a simple guide tying up raspberries
A Simple How-To Guide for Tying up Raspberries in a Home Patch
a bird house hanging from the side of a building with a sign on it that says gold shelf coffee
Highlights of the NW Flower & Garden Show…Plus Shopping!
a hand holding a roll of toilet paper
Hummingbird House
Picture of Drill the Inside Hole, the