Miniature Presentation Boxes and Trunks

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an elaborately decorated doll house with arched windows
Aida Pravia
a figurine of a boy with a horse on his arm and holding a stick
a miniature rocking chair next to a mirror
All The Small Things
a baby's bed with pink and green decor
Color Inspiration - Vintage Beauty
two wooden boxes filled with dolls and other items
Мадмуазель mignonette – маленький ангел
ИНТЕРЕСНОЕ О КУКЛАХ (статьи) - Авторские куклы Елены Чащиной shukshina
five baby dolls are sitting on a pink blanket in a white box, with the covers pulled back
a doll is sitting on top of a table with flowers and other items around it
an open suitcase filled with dolls and other items
My friend's beautiful work.
a wrought iron bed frame with a green upholstered mattress on it's side
two little dolls that are sitting in the palm of someone's hand, one is wearing a white dress
an open box with several different designs on it
Lot: French Stationery Set for Child in Luxury Presentation 300/500