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a bulletin board that has been decorated with hearts and the words before you speak think and be smart it's hard to fix
Bulletin board idea to help with bullying prevention and kindness.
an image of a fingerprint with the words i am unique written in black and white
First Day of School - I Am Unique Fingerprint Writing Activity - 3 Versions
a t - shirt about me book with the title
A T-Shirt All About Me, Back to School Art, Goal Setting and Writing Activities
there is a sign that says today a reader tomorrow a leader with pictures on it
Today a 1st Grader Tomorrow a Leader!
a group of people standing around a circle on top of a yellow floor with one person holding a frisbee
Games: In-Class Fitness Activity: Non-Elimination Musical Chairs
Non-Elimination Musical Chairs. Cool twist on a classic.
the anger management for kids book is shown with pictures of children's feelings and emotions
Anger Management: 23 Free Calming Strategy Cards
Anger Management: 23 Free Calming Strategy Cards