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an image of palm trees in the sky with water and land around them, as well as some clouds
an old television screen with the image of a man in white shirt
VHS color to b/w noise
a black and white photo of a woman walking down the street
image inspiration on Designspiration
two men standing next to each other in front of a tv screen with multicolored images on it
X483-0000 by Max Capacity (2011)
an advertisement for the upcoming album, titled in black and white with a woman's face
christie in the sky
Dark TV Glitch Art | Static Television | Horror Scene | Madness | Dream World | Imagination | Quote | Escape | Gothic | Psychedelic | Trippy Crazy Girl
three pink roses are in the middle of an image
Wishing my wardrobe was something besides black and white
an abstract image of lines and shapes in black and white, with colors changing from red to blue
Scanning experiments - Linn Wie
a person holding their hands up to their face in front of a television screen with the words, what do you see?
My existence A prism Of your Incessant Blur Of the light- words -Michael W. Noland
a person's hand holding a cell phone in the dark
Random Ghost
modempunk: “featherfurl: “Blown by the wind. ” The Russians have been touchy about biodesign ever since they had to borrow Americans to help them with the biotic program back at Tslolkovsky 1. ”
an eye is shown in this artistic photo
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links with the eye...could do this graphically to the eye in the designs...the collapse of the elaborate? :-)