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several different types of cheese laying on the floor
some food is on a white plate with a fork
some food is sitting on a table with other foods in bowls and spoons next to it
a white plate topped with food on top of a wooden table covered in confetti
BOMBOM DE KINDER BUENO 🍫🤍 1 leite condensado, e 1 creme de leite, leve para cozinhar até chegar ao ponto de enrolar. Deixe esfriar, depois enrolar no kinder com Nutella e passe no chocolate branco. Finalize com chocolate ao leite e kinder bueno 🩷 Gostou da receita? Então já marca o @ de quem vai fazer pra você! 🥰 Já aproveita e me segue pra não perder nenhuma receita maravilhosa! 🍫🥰
a man is standing in front of a platter of food with an odd look on his face
a man and woman are holding food in front of the caption that reads pode e comer
some food is sitting on a plate and next to a jar of ketchup
a bread dish with cheese on it sitting on a black plate next to some flowers
the ingredients for this recipe include tomatoes, olives, garlic and other herbs on a cutting board