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two photos of green bottles being opened to show how they are made with the same material
1.4M views · 25K reactions | Corte preciso em apenas 1 minuto! (Vidraceiro Experiente revelou o truque) 😱 | Corte preciso em apenas 1 minuto! (Vidraceiro Experiente revelou o truque) 😱 | By Dica do DiaFacebook
a woman lighting a candle on top of a cutting board
E só pingar vela no Vick! Depois que aprendi não gasto mais dinheiro!! | E só pingar vela no Vick! Depois que aprendi não gasto mais dinheiro!! | By Eu, SaudávelFacebook
a man sitting at a wooden table with an object in front of him and looking up
Vuvuzela automática caseira muito potente e fácil de fazer! | Vuvuzela automática caseira muito potente e fácil de fazer! | By Manifaco | Teach you how to make the simplest truck horn of all, just using the bladder and this straw here oh, I'm going to cut off about three centimeters of our straw here I'm gonna remove all the excess here oh the rebeards have to be pretty smooth really, I'm going to take a smaller piece then, we're going to put it inside here with it as much as we can, it's going to bother the people there. Ready, I put it o, inside and there is this piece left, I come here from one side of the pipe and I will fit it here o, take a look. Man, it's so easy to do here, anyone can do it at home, right? Look how cool this business will be. What's up, now I'll just take this here and double it. Need to leave him close to each other so that when I fold like that, he gets stabbed. Here the air is going to pass pretty loud because the pipe is pretty big, so it will transmit the sound. To make it firm in place, you just have to put on some duct tape. Very simple man Oohh settled oohh Our horn is ready. Believe it or not, this here is a lot, take a look, I'm going to blow here, I'll let this bladder fill, when it's very big I'll let it go and then it'll be honking. Shall we take the quiz? Come on, let's move it. You can fill it here well and play it in the room where there are a lot of people and it will take a while to stop making noise. Did you like it? see ya next one then
a woman and two children in the bathroom with text bubbles above them that read mom hack
a man standing in an empty hallway with his hand up to the camera and another person sitting down behind him
2.1M views · 23K reactions | Qual nome desse brinquedo? Uma ideia simples e fácil que pode ser realizada com as crianças em suas festas. #diversao #oficina #desafio | Tiaguinho Recreação
a man is holding a fake ring in his hand and another person is smiling behind him
June 19
a man and woman standing in front of a kitchen counter with food on the table
a man sitting at a table with some food on top of it and an empty bottle next to him
a person lighting a candle on top of a bowl filled with tea leaves and pineapples
1.5M views · 86K reactions | Basta pingar vela no Cravo-da-índia!! (Caseiro me Revelou o Segredo) 😱😱 | Basta pingar vela no Cravo-da-índia!! (Caseiro me Revelou o Segredo) 😱😱 | By Receitas da Vovózinha | Dripping candle on carnation a local homemaker revealed the secret to me I never had this problem again and for that you will only need three candles I never imagined I could do this at home I stopped spending money melt the three candles very well until about only the wand but you will not throw away the wand we will reserve it after you have completely melted the candle we will do the following with the help of a catcher we will remove the wand and we will transport the melted candle to a container I am using a cup Now get two handfuls of cloves and add to the glass. Clove is a highly appreciated spice, not only in cuisine but also in various therapeutic and aromatic applications. So ya'll need coffee. Just add a teaspoon and mix very well. This is a powerful and solid tip. If you suffer from this problem, you will never again spend money on expensive products in the market. Reminder of the wand we pulled from the candle. That's right. Place it in the center of our glass and with the help of a clothes pin we will hold the candle wick like this. Leave it for a few minutes and our homemade flying insect control candle is ready. This tip was a home made from the site that revealed it to me. Once it's solid enough you can remove the clip. Now light the candle and you will feel the scent of your house change. Even roasted coffee can evoke memories of pleasant moments. Think of a cold winter morning when you walk into a kitchen warmed by the aroma of coffee. These memories can turn a smell into something comforting. The aroma of fresh coffee can transform any environment making it more cozy and inviting. Many cafes purposefully use the smell of coffee to create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere for their customers. Thanks to india it acts as a natural insect repellent perfect to keep your home mosquito free if you didn't know india carnation has a compound called a chemical compound that has insectic and repellent properties to scare away all kinds of flying insects like flies and mosquitoes If you live in a place full of flies and mosquitoes, but you don't know what to do anymore, make this candle in addition to all the insects in your house, you will have a pleasant and fragrant environment. Now tell me, from zero to ten, what grade do you give to this candle? Tell me below where you're watching this video from I want to send you a special hug. Share to your friends Hope you enjoyed it Big hug till next video.
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