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How to do the SPLITS (3 Simple Exercises)
Dance Tutorial - Elbow Cartwheel
Floorwork Dance Tutorial - @ ashleyjade_ _ _ on IG
a woman is doing a handstand on a black surface in front of a white wall
Instagram Photo by Autumn Anne Miller🦋 (@autumnmiller) | WEBSTAGRAM
Class today with my minis 3:30-4:30 can't wait!!! #TheBreaSpace
a ballerina is doing an acrobatic move in a dance studio,
Silicone Bath Body Brush
Perfection <3 (from
a ballerina is in the air with her arms outstretched and legs spread out, while she
g l o r y
a woman in black and white doing a dance pose
a ballerina is performing in front of pictures on the wall
- ̗̀ @havvatnrvrd ̖́-
some people are dancing in a large room with many windows and one person is jumping into the air
a ballerina is jumping in an empty room
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Rafaela Simão ❤
#sangonhap Lifestyle Photography, Insta, Pose, Photographer, Yoga Photos
a young boy is practicing his moves in an empty room with mirrors on the wall
the reflection of a ballerina's feet in water with buildings reflected on it
Projeto fotográfico Conexão Corpo-Mente registra a beleza do equilíbrio e as possibilidades infinitas do corpo humano - FTCMag
O corpo se move e a alma dança. É puro equilíbrio de movimento, músculos, feições. É vida, é desafiar os limites, é profissão, é divertir-se. Tudo isso se mostra de forma clara na série da fotógrafa brasileira Julia Salustiano, chamada ‘Conexão Corpo-Mente’, na qual Julia registra dançarinos, acrobatas e outros artistas que se expressam através do corpo #Photography