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an article about the moon in spanish
16 Maio 2024 #lua #transformação
a woman sitting in the middle of a group of other people with their hands together
the website page for an anime movie
an article in the spanish language with a drawing of a woman's face and hands
an image of some sort of artwork that looks like it is floating in the water
an image of the solar system with text describing it's origin and its significance
the website for an internet company
Feelings, True, Like You, Intense, Bodies, Feel Like, Body, Bizarre
the words are written in spanish on a black and white background with an orange border
5 sinais que o universo envia quando você está no caminho errado:
Ego, Death, Life, Subconscious, Power, Life Changes, Shadow Work, Awakening
The 7 Stages Of Ego Death
…#spiritualawakening #higherconsciousness #empath #thirdeye #meditation #lightworker #soul Ideas, Reading, Most Powerful, Spiritual Thoughts, Spiritual Inspiration, Spiritual Words, Spiritual Love, Spiritual
Heyoka Empath: The Most Powerful Type Of Empath
…#spiritualawakening #higherconsciousness #empath #thirdeye #meditation #lightworker #soul
an image of a website page with the words, homem querootetes and a