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a slice of cheesecake with a strawberry on top
Veganer New York Cheesecake - Carlo Cao
13h 30m
a brown plate topped with mashed potatoes and meat
Tiras com molho cajun
Tiras com molho cajun - Cogumelo Vegetariano
a fork with some food on it in a pan
Sticky Garlic Vegan Salmon!
This is vegan seafood at its finest! This tofish (tofu fish) looks like and tastes like salmon. How cool is that!? Sticky garlic vegan salmon is perfect served over a bed of rice or on rice noodles. This looks fancy but this recipe is fairly easy to make as well using ingredients you can find at your local grocery store. #itdoesnttastelikechicken #veganrecipe #veganseafood
1h 15m
a piece of cooked meat sitting on top of a white plate
Vegan Salmon with Orange Balsamic Sauce
chocolate chip cookies vegan on a tray with the title overlay reads, cookie - its - vegan
Cookies vegan (bolachas com chocolate)
Umas deliciosas e crocantes cookies vegan! Estas bolachas com pepitas/pedaços de chocolate são irresistíveis nesta versão vegan!
two desserts on a cutting board with lemon slices and spoons next to them
Mousse de limão
Mousse de limão - Cogumelo Vegetariano
two plates with powdered doughnuts on them and the words open - berlin fettam & geunder vegan
Vegane Berliner / Krapfen im Ofen ♨️ Mein Rezept für Dich :-)
Egal ob Karneval oder Silvester – wenn Berliner auf den Tisch kommen, gibt es meistens etwas zu feiern. Meine veganen Ofen-Berliner sorgen für noch mehr Grund zur Freude. Das Rezept ist nämlich nicht nur voller guter Zutaten, es ist zudem auch noch ziemlich fettarm und viel gesünder. (Krapfen, Pfannkuchen)
The Best Caramel Cheesecake | The Little Blog Of Vegan
Cheesecake de frutos vermelhos (mais um) - Cogumelo Vegetariano Cheesecake
Cheesecake de frutos vermelhos (mais um)
Cheesecake de frutos vermelhos (mais um) - Cogumelo Vegetariano
a hamburger with meat and lettuce on a cutting board next to a knife
High-Protein Vegan Burgers - Full of Plants
Hambúrgueres veganos com alto teor de proteínas - cheios de plantas
1h 30m
a piece of cake on a plate with a fork next to it and another slice in the background
Bolo de Coco e Limão Vegano Simples | Plantte
Esse Bolo de Coco e Limão é uma delícia! Fofinho e saboroso, leva ingredientes comuns e acessíveis. É bem simples de ser preparado, não tem erro! Além disso, esse bolo é vegano, sem leite e sem ovos. #bolovegano #semleite #semovo #semlactose #vegano |
a dessert with blueberries and almonds on a white plate
Cheesecake vegan de mirtilos
Cheesecake vegan de mirtilos - Cogumelo Vegetariano