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two people are walking in an open space with yellow walls and shelves on the wall
Walls with integrated furniture and yellow nooks encourage play in Madrid school
a room with several different colored stools and bookshelves on the walls in it
太田裕治 / connect+高須学 / Takasu Gaku Design and Associates inc.による、福岡・大川市の「えほん調剤薬局」
an office hallway with green walls and carpeted flooring that is lined with wooden slats
Gallery of Yandex HQ Second Stage / Atrium - 22
Gallery - Yandex HQ Second Stage / Atrium - 22
a man walking down a hallway in an office building with yellow walls and white steps
Couloir coloré
Cette rénovation porte sur un cabinet d'expert comptable. Un couloir coloré jaune a été crée afin de séparer l'espace d'accueil et les bureaux. Le noir et la décoration, donnent un style industriel au lieu. Architecture, Restructuration, aménagement, architecture d'intérieure, 10h10, décoration, bureau, design, style, coloré
two people are sitting in an office with orange walls and flooring, while one person is writing on the wall
Xenia Hotels & Resorts Offices - Orlando | Office Snapshots
Xenia Hotels & Resorts Offices - Orlando - 10
an office with yellow carpeting and white columns on the walls, along with large planters
Gallery of Yandex HQ Second Stage / Atrium - 18
people are sitting on benches in a room with white walls and green geometric design,
Gallery of Flagship Branch Bank DSK / DA architects - 9