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this modern house has an open floor plan
The West Hollywood Residence By AUX Architecture
This modern house features living spaces that have all been designed to open it up to the outside by the use of sliding glass walls. At one end of the open interior is the living room that's focused on the fireplace. #ModernInteriorDesign #SlidingGlassWall
three different billboards with people sitting on the benches and one man walking down the street
IBM Smarter Cities campaign. Ogilvy Mather, France. Kaan said "This one is an IBM smart cities campaign product/ad. It is great because it is intelligently complementing the ad with the functionality of the design, so perfectly that the audience really gets the idea of the “Smarter Cities” out of this design."
a white box with a red cross on the front and side is attached to a wall
Clever Office Designs (10 Photos)
Fire Extinguisher Sign | Designer: Formfusion
a large television mounted to the side of a wall next to a tall window in a building
Generative art on Barco displays and Christie MicroTiles
the stairs are lit up with purple lights
Corporate Aviation Showroom Deploys First-Class 32-Monitor Matrox Mura-Powered Video Wall
In-Store Entertainment Provider PlayNetwork Unveils Extravagant 30-Monitor Matrox-Powered Video Wall as Main Attraction of London Lingerie Store
an advertisement for nike is displayed in front of a large screen with the words get connected, get moving
ESP video wall
Niketown's ESP video wall by Horizon Display
a long wall with many pictures on it in an office building or conference room,
Theme Park, Museum, Zoo Industry News for Professionals | blooloop
brookfield office properties videowall controlled by dataton watchpax
two large screens with images of people swimming in the water and corals on them
Hotel digital signage creates four-story architectural installation
Hotel digital signage creates four-story architectural installation | Digital Signage Today