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a drawing of a woman standing in front of some clothes hanging on a line with mountains in the background
Катерина Полтавська
a large patchwork piece with many different patterns on it's surface, including the shape of a map
Слобожанская вышиванка
a man dressed in medieval clothing talking on his cell phone while another man walks behind him
Вікторина «Що Ти знаєш про козаків?» — дитячий портал Пустунчик
Викторина «Что Ты знаешь о казаках?» — детский портал Пустунчик.
a woman in an ethnic dress with beads on her neck and necklaces around her waist
Очі війни. Дружини, матері і сестри знялися у фотосесії для бійців АТО
національний костюм
a woman with a red umbrella over her head and the words uk one on it
Один день c BRATY DESIGN
a man sitting on top of a chair with a guitar in his lap and birds around him
a painting of a woman in the water with her face covered by plants and flowers
Mavka in the water by Gnevol on DeviantArt
a painting of a woman playing a musical instrument
Modern Ukrainian artists