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an image of the back end of a bird's feathers tail and wing tips
Soft. Light. This design in nature is inspiring because of the pattern and direction of the feathers. Used as a lamp shade covering or a hanging light fixture covering.
black and white artwork with wavy lines on it
vjeranski: MIRA GOJAKNear dark 2009pen, Texta, gouache and watercolour on paper
an artistic painting of flowers on display in a vase
What You Need to Know About Yupo Paper
Wild Flowers ~Alcohol Ink on Yupo paper Gicleé prints (8x10) & Art Cards available soon. Please contact me for pricing
the different shades of paint that are used in this project
Put a Character + a Color Palette in My Ask Box and I’ll Draw It!
Aquela combinação top...
a broken glass window that has been shattered
Can you see | Resources, texturas, png's...
Texturas, templates, wallpapers, etc. #nãoficção # Não ficção # amreading # books # wattpad
the shades of red are shown in this graphic style, with different colors and sizes
Shades Of Red Color Palette Poster
shades of red color palette poster
the pastel color palettes are all different colors
Color Palettes for Web, Digital, Blog & Graphic Design with Hexadecimal Codes - Wondernote
2 da paleta
the color chart for all different colors in this page is an excellent way to describe what they
Print Copic Color Chart | Complete Color Chart
the color scheme for an image on facebook
black and white photograph of cracked rocks
The linear and refined cracks within cracks would be a beautiful print - a background layer?
an abstract painting with pink and black ink on white paper in the process of being painted
Spritzed flowers in alcohol ink on 12x4 tile. Slate, pitch black and currant.
an abstract blue and white wallpaper with wavy lines
an abstract black and white image with swirly lines
Suminagashi - Japanese paper marbling
four different black and white marble textures
Stuff & Nonsense
Marble More