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an old photo with the caption for john clark's 1st cousin
John Clark
John Clark...sweet childhood page with beautiful photo framing.
the family farm is located in an old photo with a star and flowers on it
Paired Scrapbook Pages | Heritage scrapbook pages, Family history book, Genealogy scrapbooking
Musings of a Genealogy-Nut: Paired Scrapbook Pages: I sure like this page placement idea.
a family tree with an image of a woman in the middle and flowers on it
an old fashioned photo frame with flowers and the words grand mother on it's side
an old fashioned photo with two men and a woman in the middle, on top of a black background
an old fashioned photo with the words grandfather written on it and pictures of men in suits
an altered photograph of four women in brown dresses with flowers on the side and one woman standing next to her
Tim Holtz Idea-ology BASEBOARD FRAMES th93710
an old black and white photo of three men in suits sitting next to each other
Kesler Brothers
Brothers...strong and masculine page with nice use of arch over photo top and ivy border.
a scrapbook page with pictures and words on the pages, including an old fashioned photo
Outdoor Adventures
Outdoor Adventures - by scrappychick101. I love her embellishments.