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two men in suits and ties with the caption cum as you are or whatever blonde jesus and his crew said
This was funnier in my head ☹️
Anyways come as you are>>> #comeasyouare #whisper #whispers #rock #grunge #nirvana #kurtcobain #davegrohl #kristnovoselic #indierock #music
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a man in a hoodie is talking on the phone
#whisper Sayings, True Quotes
not even funny anymore oh my god 😭🤦‍♀️
a man in a white shirt holding his head with the caption, uber drivers fear him
Bro is nightmare fuel for uber's + lyfts
Like, imagine you're just driving a costumer and all of a sudden you just hear "DAAARRRRLLLIINNNGGG, GUESSS WHOS BACK FROM JAIL???!!!" I'd be scared for the costumer I'm dropping off w/ him💀💀 #funny #carrington #carringtonbestmodeever #youtubers
Mhm, but sadly, most of the time it's as fake as her.
Mhm, but sadly, most of the time it's as fake as her.
two women in long dresses stand on top of a hill, with the words what are you
I Can Relate, I Hate My Life, Im Losing My Mind
an old man sitting in a chair with the caption little me showing a ball under my shirt and walking around pretending to be pregnant
mine ㅤㅤ ♡ ㅤㅤ pls dont repost
i love the process of giving birth
grandma in cartoons vs grandma in anime