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a baby's footprints are shown in the shape of a butterfly
someone is cutting out some paper ladybugs
Joaninhas de papel
a white bird sitting on top of a branch with an egg in it's beak
Moldes de Passarinho para imprimir - Como fazer em casa
two birds cut out from paper on a white background
Passarinho de Papel Passo a Passo
two vases made out of toilet paper on a table
Reciclando e Criando lindas árvores
a child's handprint with flowers on it next to a water bottle
50+ Spring Crafts for Kids / Preschoolers & Toddlers to make this season of new beginnings | Hike n Dip
two sunflowers made out of pasta sitting on top of a white card
many handprints are laid out on the table to be used as art work