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summer camp crafts for kids that are easy to make
30 Summer Camp Crafts for Kids!!
Summer Camp Crafts: Nurture their creative minds with these fun ideas while having fun in the process. From recycled projects to nature crafts and beyond!
a book cover with the words cracked and wax resist
Art Activities for kids : Cracked Wax Resist Art – Fun Littles
30 fun clay projects for all skill levels
30+ Clay Projects Perfect for Anytime
No matter your skill level you'll love these colorful and amazing clay crafts that use both air dry and polymer clays to perfection!
a collage of different snacks and desserts with the words after school snack ideas
Self Serve Healthy Snacks for Kids
Over a month's worth of after school snack ideas from
the diy flower tea lights are ready to be made
DIY Flower Tealight
Use plastic spoons and faux flower petals to make a beautiful flower tealight! This flameless tealight candle flickers and glows beautifully in the dark, illuminating the DIY flower. They make great homemade decorations for parties or weddings! It's such a fun and easy spring and summer craft, and you can buy the simple craft supplies at the dollar store!
how to make air dry clay birds easily
Easy Way to Make a Bird out of Clay — AllCraftIdeas!
the 11 creative art projects for kids to make
11 Creative Sharpie Art Projects
11 Creative Sharpie Art Projects
paper mache glue recipe in a bowl with spoon and candy lollipops
How to Make Paper Mache Glue Recipe and Tips
How to Make Paper Mache Glue Recipe and Tips - Easy Peasy and Fun