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an elegant lobby with chandeliers and couches
Explore the charm of this luxurious hotel lobby design blending opulent furnishings, superb decor, and flawless attention to detail. The REDLEH II, a contemporary luxury rug inspired by the Chinese dragon motif, and the WHITE GARDEN RUG, with a simple design and neutral tones, infuse the space with refined elegance creating an inviting aesthetic. Alongside some of the most iconic products by BRABBU like the WALES II Sofa, the SIKA II Armchair, CYRUS Floor Light, NAICCA Chandelier, and the stunning LALLAN Center Table, this hotel lobby is a visual symphony of opulence and sophistication.
a blue christmas tree sitting in front of a window next to a wall with red brick
DÊCO Square Rug in a Holiday Spirit
a living room decorated for christmas with gold accents
Holiday Adler Rug
four different images of a living room decorated for christmas
Holidays Rugs Inspiration
a living room with blue walls and a rug on the floor that says beautiful reading corner design with l'a land rug
La land Rug - A beautiful reading corner
a living room with two couches and a rug on the floor that says minimalist and elegant halfway with ted rug
Ted Rug - Minimalist and Elegant
an image of a living room with different rugs
Winter 2022 Rugs
a poster with an abstract design on it
Winter Moodboard Trends
the cover of fall moodboard friends magazine, featuring an image of birds and geometric shapes
Fall Moodboard Trends
the interior design is very modern and elegant
Neutral Inspiration
a living room with white furniture and neutral colors
Nude Inspiration
an image of a living room with blue walls and rugs on the floor in different colors
La land Rug with Natural Wool
a close up of an area rug with different colors and shapes
Mira Rug with Natural Wool
an image of a living room with rugs on the floor and furniture in it
Isaac Rug with Natural Wool