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a man is holding two fishing hooks with balls attached to them, while wearing a beanie
Hairs With A Difference
three balls hanging from hooks in front of a body of water with trees in the background
a white ball hanging from a string with a fishing hook on it's end
a drawing of a couch hooked up to a fishing hook on a blue background with the caption, what's that?
How good is the Blowback Rig?
How good is the Blowback Rig? Jason Hayward continues his in-depth analysis of modern-day carp rigs and how small tweaks could make a big difference to your catch-rate
a ball and string on the ground
#carpfishingrig | Fishing Knots and Rigs | Pinterest | Fishing tips, Fish and Tips
a pencil drawing of a fish with it's mouth open and its teeth out
KOI KARPER***<><***