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some cookies are made to look like pretzels
a person is spreading icing on some cupcakes
a person in pink gloves holding a donut on top of a glass container with the words brigadero gourmet de cafe
a frying pan filled with food on top of a stove
a person is holding a tiny teddy bear in front of small cookies on a plate
there are many desserts in plastic containers on the table, including one with white frosting
Brigadeiro Gourmet Floresta Branca
Confira os ingredientes e o passo a passo completo no site ou em meu canal do YouTube:
Balinha Frapê, metade coco metade chocolate
Confira os ingredientes e o passo a passo completo no site:
a hand holding a piece of fruit in it's palm with the words, how to make homemade lemon mardillo
chocolate truffles in a glass bowl on a table
Brigadeiro de Nutella: receita simples, rápida e sabor incrível
a hand holding a pastry with powdered sugar and jelly on it in front of other pastries
a woman holding a purse with the words voce sabia disso on it
there are many chocolates on the plate with blue paper wrappers in front of them
Guia do Brigadeiro | Receitas Nestlé
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