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the cover to white coolers by betty jeffley
White Coolies by Betty Jeffrey. Panther 1959. Cover artist Reginald Heade (Reginald Cyril Webb)
an old book cover shows a woman in bed
The Vanquished (Original Title: Straw To Make...
a book cover with tanks and planes flying over it
Corgi books
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John Brophy - Spearhead (1954, Corgi Books #T39, cover art by Robert A. Osborne)
the camp followers by ugo piro
Mitchell Hooks
an old book cover with a man helping a woman into her breasty chest and the title'the lusting breed '
Signet books
all the young men by marvin h alberte, with an orange and black cover
Pocket books
a book cover with an airplane and two men in the cockpit
Berkley Medallion books
the book cover for the sea wolverines, with an image of a boat in the water
Ballantine books, 1957.
Ballantine books, 1957. Bristol, History, Adolf Galland, Memoirs, The First
Ballantine books, 1957.