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the faces of people in spanish are shown with different expressions on each side of the face
Atividades e historinhas - Emoções, sentimentos e valores!
Atividades e historinhas - Emoções, sentimentos e valores!
four different types of cartoon animals with names in spanish and english on separate circles, each containing an individual's own name
four different types of monsters with the words in spanish and english, all on separate squares
Cartões De Três Partes O Monstro Das Cores Emotions Preschool 79F
four different colored cups with lids on them
four different colored monsters are shown in this drawing
there are many different colored toothbrushes hanging on the wall
four faces with different expressions on them
duygu eşleştirmesi
an activity sheet for children to learn how to draw smiley faces
Duygular Eşleştirme
the faces of people with different expressions in spanish and english, as well as an image of
six stick faces with different expressions drawn on them