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two boats are docked in the water next to each other near a hill with houses on it
a person holding a notebook and pen in their lap while sitting next to a river
many paintings are stacked on top of each other
an open book on a blue and white striped blanket next to the beach with other items
Beach day 🐚✨🌊
there is a sign that says if you don't take risky, nothing will change
two white lawn chairs sitting on top of a lush green field next to the ocean
a small dog is on the screen of a video camera
a person holding up a pink camera with flowers on the screen in their hand,
a person holding up a camera to take a picture with their cell phone in front of them
a person is holding up a camera to take a picture with friends in the background
a woman with long hair holding a can of soda
a person holding a pink camera in their hand
Pink digi cam from amazon link down 👇🏽