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15min · 2 servings INGREDIENTS + INSTRUCTIONS: • -6 sheets of rice paper • DIP into water • -your favourite fillings (I took carrots, bell pepper, cucumber, smoked tofu) • FILL and roll/AIR FRY at 200C/400F for 5mins (flip halfway through) or bake for 8-10mins • Peanut sauce: • -1/4 cup (60g) peanut butter • -2 Tsp soy sauce • -1 Tsp sesame oil • -3 Tbsp agave or maple syrup • -salt to taste • -1 Tsp ginger powder, garlic powder and Chili flakes • -water if needed • MIX
Crispy Rice Sandwich
2hr · 2 servings When a recipe calls for sticky rice, chances are that I will purposefully cook a little extra to have some leftover the next day. A bowl of rice sitting on the counter or the back of the fridge is just the excuse I need to turn it into these golden, crispy rice sandwiches that are a blank canvas for your favourite sarnie toppings. If you choose to marinate the tofu, don’t waste the actual marinade, but reduce it in the same pan and serve it as a dipping sauce alongside it. A fun mini food! Ingredients: Crispy Rice • 200g sushi rice (or 410g leftover sticky rice) • 2 tbsp rice wine vinegar • 1 tsp golden caster sugar • 1 avocado Marinated Tofu • 60 ml soy sauce • 1 tbsp sugar • 2 tsp chilli oil • 1 tbsp rice wine vinegar • 450g firm tofu Toppings • Avocado •
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MONGOLIAN STYLE TOFU 🌱 There are millions of tofu recipes out there, but I promise you, this one always hits the spot! 😮‍💨 RECIPE: (2 servings, 15min prep time) -200g tofu Cut in slices. -1 Tbsp corn starch -a pinch of salt Toss around. Fry in some oil until browned on each side. Remove from the pan. -2 scallions, slices -a thumbsize piece of ginger, minced -2 cloves garlic, minced -1/2 red chili Sauté for a few minutes. -2 Tbsp soy sauce q-2 Tbsp syrup or sugar -a splash of water Let it bubble for 3-4 mins. Add in the tofu & cook it until nice & glossy. Serve with rice & veggies.
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RECIPE (6 patties, 45min prep time): • -150g soy chunks • -2 Tbsp soy sauce • -1 Tbsp tomato paste • -1 3/4 Cup (450ml) water • -1 Tsp each salt, cumin, paprika, dried herbs • -1/2 Tsp garlic powder • Cook until the water is gone (about 10mins). • -2/3 cup (100g) chickpea flour • -1/2 cup (35g) breadcrumbs • Stir everything in and set aside while making the sauce. • Shape in 6 patties. • Fry in oil until golden brown. • Burger sauce: • -1/2 cup (125g) vegan mayonnaise -3 tablespoons ketchup -2 Tbsp chopped pickles -1 1/2 Tsp sugar -1 1/2 Tsp white vinegar • Mix to combine. • Caramelised onions: • -2 onions • Sauté in some oil on medium heat until jammy. • Build your burger.
Hoje é 2 x 1 e fazemos duas receitas! Faremos LEITE DE AVEIA e com o que sobrar faremos docinhos.
10min · 6 servings INGREDIENTES • 200g de aveia • 1500ml de água Xarope de agave 50ml Docinhos: 150g de chocolate derretido resíduo de leite de aveia Coco ralado para decorar. Créditos: @jhonnatan_plant_life
Bombinha anti-inflamatória 👩🏻‍🍳
15min · 6 servings Bombinha anti-inflamatória Quantidades da receita: • vou passar as qtds que usei, mas pode colocar mais água ou menos gengibre se preferir • Essa receita não precisa de medidas exatas pra dar certo, é só sobre colocar esses ingredientes na sua rotina: • 1/2 xíc gengibre picado • 1/4 xíc cúrcuma fresca picada • suco 1/2 limão • suco 1 laranja • pimenta do reino preta, moída na hora: opcional, mas adiciono umas pitadas pra potencializar a absorção dos nutrientes da cúrcuma. Se vc for alérgico, não precisa colocar. • cubra com água e leve pra bater - na hora de servir, adicione 200-300 ml de água, ou de acordo com sua preferência 🤩💚gostou da dica?
Mousse de sorvete
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"Savory & Simple: Meat-Free Cabbage Delight Recipe"
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