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a close up of a metal object in the grass
Aluminium space frame lighting rig
Aluminium space frame lighting rig. This bracket system is brilliant.
many different types of metal and wood objects are shown in this collage with multiple images
Geodesic Dome Hub Connector Index
Geodesic Hub Connector Systems Gallery
a circular wooden object sitting in the grass
geodesic dome hub
geodesic dome hub - Pesquisa Google
an open cardboard box with various items inside it and in the bottom, there is a wooden structure that has been cut into pieces
hubs = geodesic domes made simple
Great to finally have the kit ready – after quite a lot of late nights packing up! Here are a few pictures of the box and contents #dome #diy
three different views of wooden structures in the same area, one is made out of wood and
大宮工業高校文化祭 - 凍ったヨーグルト(旧)古いです
大宮工業高校文化祭: 学校に入るといきなり、建築家が作ったハニカム構造のドーム?がありました
a woman sitting on top of a wooden bench
Forest Pavilion / nArchitects
Forest Pavilion, Da Nong Da Fu Forest and Eco-park Hualien, Taiwan designed by nArchitects
multiple images of different colored structures in the sky
Julio Barreno Gutiérrez erects steel awning over a playground... - a grouped images picture | Temporary architecture, Architecture, Architecture design
Julio Barreno Gutiérrez
two wooden benches sitting on top of a roof next to a red building with glass windows
15 Urban Furniture Designs You Wish Were on Your Street -
15 Urban Furniture Designs You Wish Were on Your Street
a wooden shoe that is sitting on the ground with lines coming out of it's sides
Parametric Design, The Curvilign Bench by Clément Loyer
Parametric design, the Curvilign Bench, a furniture concept by Clément Loyer.
people sitting on wooden benches in an open area
15 Urban Furniture Designs You Wish Were on Your Street -
Reef bench : This superb bench by Dutch designers Remy & Veenhuizen was created for a high school in Zoetermeer, Netherlands. Students must be able to play with the environment in order to enjoy relaxation and creativity. The lively bench makes use of natural elements in trying to offer an escape from the modern, static impression left behind by the high school building.
four different types of metal structures with text below them that read, ` ` and ` `
transformable structures grasshopper
deployable urban furniture - Google Search
an image of some type of architecture that looks like it is made out of wood
Mobilier Urban design parametric Diploma arhitectura (4)
people are sitting on wooden benches with a dog in front of them and a train passing by
San Francisco Replaces Street Parking With The Sunset Parklet
Sunset Parklet By INTERSTICE Architects
people sitting on wooden benches in an open area
a wooden bench sitting on top of a hard wood floored park area with buildings in the background
Bluestream | Street Furniture Company | Waste Bin Suppliers
Blue Stream