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an aerial view of a curved road in the snow
Yueyuan Courtyard by Z+T Studio
Yueyuan Courtyard by Z+T Studio « Landscape Architecture Works | Landezine
an artisticly designed walkway in the middle of a park
AEFAUPnewsletter — AEFAUP
AEFAUPnewsletter — AEFAUP
an illustrated map shows the locations of various electrical devices in different cities, including power lines and telephone poles
Galería de Tercer Lugar Concurso Nacional de Ideas para la Renovación urbana del área centro de San Isidro - 7
Tercer Lugar Concurso Nacional de Ideas para la Renovación urbana del área centro de San Isidro,Isométrica. Image Courtesy of ZIM Arquitextura + Pablo Guiraldes
two maps showing different areas in the city and on the river, with colorful circles
095_05 - Architecture Competition Results
Results of the Competition Trenčín – City on the River
the different lines are drawn in various directions
This academic exercise studies an alternative urban development for the area around the culture kilometer. The aim is to design a street network capable to enhance accessibility towards the seaside, rather than parallel, meaning that new roads will be designed to run from the city towards the seaside rather than parallel to it. A road running parallel to the seaside may reinforce the physical and mental separation between the city and the seaside.
an outdoor area with benches and trees in the center, surrounded by tall buildings on either side
Arquitetando Na Net
Há mais ou menos 80 anos atrás,a Estrada de Ferro Central de Nova York, construiu aproximadamente 3,2 km de ferrovia elevada para transportar carga no lado oeste de Manhattan,passando pelo interior de prédios e fábricas. Parcialmente demolida em 1960,e em 1980,deixou de ser usada.Cogitou-se a sua demolição mas a população articulou-se, agrupada numa organização chamada “Friends of High Line”, conseguindo evitar essa ação.A área de lazer do parque combina estruturas de concreto e áreas verdes...
an artist's rendering of a street with cars and people
Ciclovia Curitiba
Ciclovia Curitiba | V.Rabelo Arquitetos
a man standing next to a bike inside of a metal structure on top of a dirt field
Bicycle Racks & Parking Systems
The Tube Arc is a modular, fully enclosed bike shed (these are customized according to the number of bicycle parking spots needed by the purchaser). Email for additional info.
two pictures of people riding bikes on a bridge
slow ottawa on Twitter
This rail-and-bike bridge is part of the high-speed cycle route between Zwolle and Hattem, NL. Click image to tweet and link to the Zwolle profile via Bicycle Dutch. Visit the boards >>
an aerial view of a highway intersection with multiple lanes
Ponte portuguesa eleita uma das 10 melhores do mundo
Arquitetura - Ponte portuguesa eleita uma das 10 melhores do mundo - Sociedade - DN
people are walking and riding bikes on an orange bridge over water with buildings in the background
7 dicas para projetar cidades mais seguras
Bicycle Snake / DISSING+WEITLING Architecture. Imagem © DISSING+WEITLING Architecture
two different views of the same building and one with an orange road going through it
Copenhagen's New Bike Skyway Makes Commuting Look Fun
Copenhagen’s New Bike Skyway Makes Commuting Look Fun | The majority of Copenhagen's bicycle lanes follow the roads' grid patterns. Cykelslagen's curves are unusual for the cityscape. DISSING WEITLING |
an aerial view of two roads with cars driving on them
The Vancouver land bridge. -The LA Team
an aerial view of a city street with cars and people
High Line
The High Line is an elevated railway transformed into a public park on Manhattan's West Side. The park features lush horticulture, artworks, seasonal food vendors, community programing, and unique views of the Hudson River and New York City skyline. The High Line runs between Gansevoort Street to West 34th Street, between 10th and 11th Avenues.