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an anime character is running through the air with his head on top of another character's back
a drawing of a white and black fox wearing a blue scarf with his paw in the air
˗ˏˋ K I T ᗩ ˊˎ˗ on Twitter
a wolf with a butterfly in its mouth looking up at the stars and clouds behind him
a cartoon character is hugging a cat on an airplane
COMMISSION for Ziraiberyllium by phation on DeviantArt
some cartoon characters are talking to each other in different ways and one is holding his head up
a cat sitting on top of a window sill next to a person in black pants
うまに on Twitter
an anime character laying on top of a suitcase
🍜青夜🍜廢人狗勾🇹🇼 (@Sakusaya2003) on X