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three cloth bags are sitting on the floor
Pew Baby (Handkechief Doll) - Threads
Finished project, ready for a little tyke in church or a gift for a new bride!
two dolls are sitting on the grass next to a wooden bench with pink border around them
Pillowcase Dolls
three little dolls are sitting on a shelf
Pioneer Handkerchief Dolls
Pioneer Handkerchief Dolls | Homemaker's Journal
the instructions for making doll clothes are shown in this book, with pictures of dolls
How to Make a Bean Doll - Week 3
a doll made out of fabric with the words how to make a no sew pinner doll
How to Make a No Sew Pioneer Doll
a small white stuffed animal with a pink ribbon on it's neck and tag
Homemade Church Dolls: Here's How To Make A Handkerchief Doll For Your Child Or A Gift
several strips of fabric are arranged in a circle on the floor, with one white button at the center
Rag Doll (No sewing required!)
restlessrisa: Rag Doll (No sewing required!)
two pieces of fabric being held by someone's hand
pin girls : sweet pin cushions made from scraps – free pattern
a piece of cloth with a red square on it sitting on the ground next to a pair of scissors
DIY: Sew a Fitted Sheet (from a flat sheet)
the instructions for how to make smooth doll head tips and tricks with pictures on it
Sewing Tips: How to Make Smooth Doll Head / Швейные советы: Кукольные головы
Doll making tips and tricks: Learn how to make your doll head smooth and even after stuffing. It's not as complicated as it looks! Follow my advice and your doll heads will look perfect! These doll sewing techniques will work for both rag dolls and stuffed animals. Follow my blog to learn other doll making tips, how-tos, useful advice and sewing hacks!
the parts of a toilet paper roll
Rays Home Page
Bobbin tension (and other sewing tips too!)