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a large ship being lifted by crane in the middle of snow covered ground with other ships nearby
America's most-cutting edge aircraft carrier comes to life (pictures)
two people in white suits standing next to a large orange object inside of a building
New material promises 120-year reactor lives
a large metal plant with lots of steel pouring out of it
Enter the 9,000-Degree Hell That Melts 2 Million Tons of Steel a Year
the inside of a factory with machinery and large pipes in it's center area
Societa delle fucine, terni, forge
an industrial factory with lots of machines and machinery in the center, as well as a yellow crane overhead
Overhead Crane Safety - Inspection Guidelines Infographic | ManufacturingStories
Nice infographic relating to #crane #safety and the importance of inspections
a red circle is in the middle of an industrial area with steel beams and overhead lighting
Street Crane (@StreetCrane) / Twitter