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an elephant with white paint on it's face
Cucina Napoletana
L’arrière boutique More
an elephant with tusks standing in front of a black background and looking at the camera
Fat Pussy - Porn video
Hoax Slayer - Safaris including elephant hunting are still legal, but sharing images of trophy kills won't DO anything other than cause momentary outrage...so find a different way.
an elephant is standing in the water with its head above the water's surface
Cute Animal Pictures: Happy and Funny Pictures 240
idk what it is about elephants lately but they have really just been grabbing my attention! I love this picture! I can't figure out exactly why to! hmm...
an elephant standing next to a waterfall with its trunk in it's mouth,
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
African elephant reaching for leaves by a waterfall (zoo habitat?)
an elephant is standing in front of a white background
Water Colours
The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust - Art Store - love all the paintings of the baby elephants :)