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a man is standing in the middle of two white buildings that are shaped like rectangles
Balancing simplicity and complexity in doctoral writing
a yellow stair case on the side of a gray and white building with two people walking up it
Gallery of Mundo Verde Bilingual Public Charter School / Studio Twenty Seven Architecture - 4
a white building with people standing on the windows and in front of it is an empty street
Residência estudantil e escritório no mesmo espaço | Casas de Portugal
International Architecture Design Awards Pavilion, Layout, Residential, Pavilion Design
This industrial warehouse is located in an area without any architectural references and surrounded by forest. With no relevant references and a layout which consists of a warehouse area for finished product storage, a cargo area and office space, the proposal is intended to reflect the simplicity of the solution, given the simplicity of the requirements. #Conceptarchitecturecompetition