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This healthy milk tea recipe is super easy to make!
This healthy milk tea recipe with cooked rice, ginger, jujube, red tea, and milk is super easy to make! After cooking rice, ginger, and jujube together, add red tea and milk. The combination of the sweet taste of milk and the aroma of tea is amazing, and the addition of ginger and jujube makes this milk tea even more nutritious. #milktea #healthyrecipes #homemade #redtea #ginger #jujube #yum #easyrecipe #cookingathome#yikoutea
an outdoor table with many bowls of food on it
Breakfast in Suzhou,
an outdoor table with various foods and drinks on it
Chinese tea/Desserts/teatime
three white plates with blueberries and raspberries on them sitting on a stove
a table topped with plates filled with food and desserts next to bowls of fruit
there are many forks and spoons on the table with purple flowers in front of them
knowledge of fork n spoon
a dining room table with plates and candles on it
𝖗𝖔𝖘𝖊́ on Twitter
a woman sitting at a table filled with lots of fruits and pastries on it
an image of eggs and other ingredients on a white surface with words describing the different types of eggs
The 8 Essential Methods for Cooking Eggs (All in One Place)
different types of decanters
Vector Illustration of Set of Eight Decanters of Various Drinks. Stock Vector - Illustration of drinks, eight: 72899606
the proper way to set a table
Handling your own table settings? Follow proper etiquette:
an image of a table setting with utensils and wine glasses on the menu
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