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a drawing of a woman in a pink dress holding two trays with cakes on them
Mirajane Strauss- Fairy Tail. She is a S-Class Mage and often model in Sorcerer Magazine. When she was younger she was known as" The Demon" and Lisanna death, she used to be very fear person. But now is loving and caring person to everyone and mother like figure toward Fairy Tail.
an anime character with white hair and black clothes
Mirajane Strauss - Fairy Tail - Demonio
Mavis Vermillion | Tumblr Kawaii, Lisanna Strauss, Mavis Vermillion, Fairy Tail Drawing, Natsu Y Lucy, Fairy Tail Love
Mavis Vermillion | Tumblr
Mavis Vermillion | Tumblr
an anime character with white hair and purple skin, standing in front of snowflakes
this is how i feel when someone says i hate anime
a drawing of a woman holding a tray with cake on it and the words, the delusion
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Mirajane (Fairy Tail)
- Fairy Tail - Mirajane Jellal And Erza, Fairy Tail Nalu
- Fairy Tail - Mirajane
an older man and young woman dressed in wedding gowns standing next to each other
Isn't she so pretty? <3 :D
a drawing of a girl in a dress
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#tumblr #fairytail #mirajane #ask-mirajane-strauss
a drawing of an anime character with long hair and big eyes, in black and white
an anime character is standing in front of blue and purple lights
two anime characters standing next to each other in front of a purple and black background
Elfman Strauss, Laxus Dreyar, Juvia Lockser, Fairy Tail Lucy
a woman with white hair and wings standing in front of a black dragon's tail
an anime character with white hair and blue eyes