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an image of cartoon characters in different poses
some character sketches for the animated movie,'little mermaids'by disney studios
Disney’s Goldie and Bear-Character Design and Visual Development
Caricature, Sketches, Design, Lady, Marvel
Meter Maid by basakward on DeviantArt
an old woman with different facial expressions and headgear is shown in various poses
Avner Geller Portfolio
a black and white drawing of a person sitting in a chair with a skeleton on it's back
Artifex Mundi
a drawing of a woman holding a cane and looking at a bird on her shoulder
New Random Characters
a drawing of an old woman with glasses
Little Old Ladies
sketches of various facial expressions and headgear for an animated character from disney's the little mermaid
Character Design, Fabricio Oliveira
an old man's head is shown in four different angles, including the upper half and lower half
loish blog
four sketches of people with different facial expressions
Explore collection of Old Lady Cartoon Drawing
a drawing of people with different facial expressions and hair styles, including one man wearing glasses
aiyer anna -sticker design for line sticker contest ,