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an open notebook with spanish text and pictures on the page next to a black pen
the muscles and their functions are labeled in spanish
Mapa Mental sobre o SISTEMA MUSCULAR
Descubra a mecânica e a organização do sistema muscular em nosso mapa mental conciso. Visualize os tipos de músculos, suas funções e como eles contribuem para o movimento e suporte do corpo humano. Perfeito para quem busca compreender a dinâmica muscular e a fisiologia do movimento. Tags: anatomia, sistema muscular, fisiologia, educação em saúde, treinamento de força.
an image of the muscles and their major facial features in a man's face
a diagram showing the different bones and their corresponding parts, including the vertebras
Anatomia - coluna vertebral
a diagram of the human skeleton and its functions
La vértebra ❤️
Radiology Student, Skeleton Anatomy, Medical School Inspiration
an image of the back and neck bones in human anatomy, with labels on each side
the ribs are labeled in this diagram
Ossos da costela 🦴
diagram of the heart labeled in spanish
an image of the back of a skeleton with labels in spanish and english on it
Anatomia da caixa torácica