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Ovoid Shape Northwest Native Art 2D Shapes Math Indigenous Inclusion

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Learn and draw the ovoid shape--the most dominant shape in Northwest Native Art.
Learn about its qualities, where it is reflected in nature and practice drawing it on various animals that look similar to the art of First Nations People. Add this project to your study of 2D shapes. The ovoid is part of the NEW BC Curriculum to study for Grade 2. A great way to integrate Math and Art.
Suitable for: Grades 1-3 integration of Math and Art
Please find included activities for:
learning the basic characteristics of the ovoid
practicing drawing the shape through tracing, symmetry and adding to the designs of animals
recognizing how the ovoid is reflected in nature
drawing many types of eye shapes that use the ovoid
creating and drawing creatures using the ovoid
singing or reciting a poem on the ovoid
thinking and discussing around questions included for deeper understandings on the topic
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Basic Ovoid
characteristics - colour each shape
connect the lines/draw
complete the shape/symmetry
find and colour the ovoids
draw ovoids on the turtle
Ovoid in Nature
match up (names and fruits/foods)
eye shapes
colour the eyes
draw animals for the eyes
draw an animal for the eyes
chart (view and draw)
fish (draw eyes)
bear and eagle (add ovoids and eyes)
owl (add ovoids and eyes)
owl and bear (add ovoid and eyes)
eagle (add ovoids and eyes)
my art (create)
The Ovoid (poem/song)
Think and Discuss
I hope you enjoy this creation exploring the ovoid and that it will lead to further discussions and observations.
Please see preview for more details.
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