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Metal Zodiac Sign Hair Beads, Dreadlock Hair Accessories, Beads For Braids Twist And Dreadlocks, Loc Jewelry

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Beads For Small/Medium Locs, Twist, Braids, Faux Locs, Goddess Locs etc... *Price is for 1 bead *6x7mm bead size *4to5mm Hole *Available in silver and gold *Also great for jewelry and other DIY projects What are dreadlock beads? Dread beads are small beads with holes in the center designed to slide onto the ends of dreadlocks, locs, braids, twist and loose natural hair if desired. dread beads come in all different colors and may be made from many different types of materials, the most popular being natural stone, shell, copper, gold, silver, wood, ceramic, stainless steel, fabric and glass, just to name a few. Dreadlocks beads are very popular hair accessories for those natural or synthetic hair styles. Loc sprinkle beads add a flamboyant unique flair to ones crown. My pieces are handcrafted and created for spiritual growth, chakra healing, meditation, yoga and simply enjoying and having fun with your hair. They come in a variety of sizes you can customize most for small, medium and large locs. *For more purchase options please visit and follow my Instagram and Facebook page @beaditwearitloveit NOT ALL ITEMS ARE LISTED ON ETSY SO SOCIAL MEDIA IS THE BEST WAY TO SEE ALL OF MY CREATIONS AND I KNOW YOU WILL FALL IN LOVE WITH THEM...
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