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Latchet Lucet - Etsy

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Now making Cords no longer has to be a challenge. Use the new Dewberry Ridge Latchet Lucet for your next Cord. The Latchet Lucet is easy to use and comes with instructions with great picture of the step-by-step process. Dewberry Ridge has worked in conjunction with Noreen Crone-Findlay to design this little gem.
Besides being beautifully inscribed by Gary with the Celtic Knot, it boasts of outstanding workmanship and the perfect brass hardware for ease of use. The Latchet Lucet will attach to your table or bench with a non-obtrusive clamp (provided--see picture).
Our Latchet Lucet is small and will fit easily into your yarn project bag so you will always have it with you. Watch here for the new "How-to" video
You will never want to be without this Latchet Lucet for all of your Cord needs.
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