the strap is attached to an apple watch and has two clips for attachments on each side
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KODAK Multi-Purpose Camera Strap (Black) - Quick-Detach System, Lightweight, Durable Metal Swivels, Multiple Usages, SLR Cameras, Compact Cameras, Smart Phones

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PRICES MAY VARY. 🔗Quick-Detach (QD) System: lightweight yet durable metal swivels which assist in attaching and detaching cameras swiftly ⛓️QD Buckles and O Ring: made of aluminium alloy which is extremely light but has an exceptional high strength 🔬CNC Milling Machining Process: high accuracy and precision during manufacturing of each single piece of connectors 📷Multiple Usages: carry cameras or phones in various ways hassle-free 📏Adjustable Length: adjustable from 83 cm to 145 cm to fit people in different heights 💪🏻Ideal Width for Carrying: 2.6 cm in width which provides enough comfort even wearing heavy loads KODAK Multi-Purpose Camera Strap functions as a neck strap to hold SLR cameras, or as a crossbody strap to carry compact cameras or smart phones. Along with a Quick-Detach (QD) System that allows cameras and phones to be interchanged seamlessly, making an incredible convenience to you.
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